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Second Trimester

So, I’m in my second trimester now. I have heard this referred to as the ‘honeymoon of pregnancy’, because you’re supposed to get an energy boost, and the nausea is supposed to subside. So far, this is not true for me, but it’s still early, right?

The first trimester was a bit surreal. I found out that I was pregnant on July 23, and those first couple of weeks were pretty easy. However, I was totally freaked out. I was worried about losing the baby, and I was worried about pregnancy in general. It’s one thing to conceptualize being pregnant, it’s another thing to stare reality in the face. While I was happy, I was also nervous at the prospect of a 4-pound baby residing inside of me, and kicking my internal organs. I’m still nervous about that, actually.

Around Aug. 7 or so, I started feeling sick and tired. I felt horribly betrayed by this whole process. I became emotional about everything. One day, I cried in the shower because I was tired and sick and decided that I’d made a horrible mistake. Then I felt guilty, and cried some more.

Anyways, this is supposed to fade to a distant memory soon enough. And I am waiting with baited breath.

What a Guy

Last night I had prenatal yoga, and I forgot my water bottle at home. I realized this when I was about halfway there, but I didn’t want to double back so I just figured that I would go without.

About 5 minutes into my class, Jon walked in and gave me my water bottle. Our instructor had to comment on what a great guy he was, and then a room full of pregnant ladies became hormonal messes, myself included. I had to stop myself from crying, actually.

In other news, the baby is about 3 inches long right now, and has fingerprints. And I’m still nauseous.


Last night was our first Brownie meeting, and 12 kids showed up. After having only 7 Brownies last year, I forgot how chaotic this many children can be. Lots of fun, but just crazy at moments.

I can tell that I am going to have to buy some maternity clothes soon. I can barely fit into my pants anymore. My uniform bottoms last night left a big red mark around my waist, although they are elasticized. It’s clear that I’m just going to have to bite the bullet, and probably by this weekend. Now, if only I actually looked pregnant, instead of just pudgy.

Dry as a Bone

We had a fire here at work on Friday. No one was hurt, and only a small section of my building was affected, mostly by water damage. Unfortunately, that small section includes the area that my office is in.

When I was finally allowed back in the building on Friday to collect my purse and head home, my office was dry. The hallway was filled with water. All of the rooms around me were soaking wet. Who knows why my office was unaffected, but it was. This morning when I came in, my office was still dry.

Everyone else has cleared out their offices, and I am still sitting at my desk. It will clearly be several days before things are back to normal here. Dryers line the hallways, along with large carts containing miscellaneous work supplies. Lunch rooms and open areas are filled with the debris, while the restoration gets underway. It’s crazy, and it’s even crazier to be the one watching idly from my computer desk.


The cat’s out of the bag–I’m pregnant. Jon and I are expecting our first baby in early April.

These past few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I vascillate between hope, fear, and nausea. Mostly nausea, although I understand that should abate soon. I am very hopeful, on that front.

I have kept a journal since I found out that I was expecting, so I will do my best to fill you all in on what’s happened so far, as well as what’s happening now. In the meantime, though, we’ve taken a few pictures. You can see them here.

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Today is Jon’s birthday. This is great news, because it means that he is once again the same age as I am, instead of being one year younger. It’s a long 141 days between my birthday and his, let me tell you.

So, here’s a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to my most favourite person!

Yoga Glitch

Last night I had my first Yoga class, and things didn’t go exactly as planned. I found my way there no problem, and got there about 10 minutes early, so that was OK. Some of the ladies and I chatted for a while, and got acquainted.

When the class was supposed to start, there was still no instructor. The co-ordinator came in, said that he was trying to reach her, and would let us know how things were going. We waited for 20 minutes, with periodic updates, when the co-ordinator finally got the instructor on the phone. It appears that she was given the wrong start time, came early, and found no one there at all. So, we all got free passes for swimming, and the course was extended by one week.

Luckily, the other ladies in the class are very friendly, and everyone took it in stride. So, next week, we’ll see how the class is when we do actual Yoga.

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