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Brownie Camp

I spent last weekend, June 4-6, at Brownie Camp. We went to Camp Olave in Sechelt, and it was lovely. It was a bit cold and rainy on Saturday, but otherwise the weather was good. We did a Hawaiian theme, and it went really well. No fights, no crying really, and asleep before midnight both nights.

Here are things I learned at Brownie camp this year:
1. Kids can throw up way more food than they actually ate. Don’t ask how, it’s magic.

2. Swimming in the cold ocean on a rainy, windy day is the most fun ever.

3. Boy Scouts are yucky. Parking near Boy Scouts at the ferry terminal is mortifying.

4. Tired does not equal quiet in the under-10 set. Instead, it equals very, very noisy.

5. The older that you get, the harder it is to sleep in noisy / uncomfortable / unfamiliar situations.

6. No matter how many cool activities there are, the best part of Brownie Camp is the candy.

Picture Album Down

Hey Everyone,

The picture album will be down for a little while. I’ll get it back up and working as soon as I can

Who to Vote For?

As you’ve all noticed, Amber has been mulling over our voting options out here. This is probably the first time I’m stepping up to the polls without the faintest idea where I should mark the X. In Abbotsford it was easy.

Step #1: Find the Right Wing Guy
Step #2: Mark an X

Now that I’m in Coquitlam, it’s a little more complicated. If anyone has any advice, feel free to leave a comment for me.

Fun Quiz

I just took the quiz here. Now, of course I will not decide who to vote for based on an internet quiz. But it’s fun, so why not?

My results indicate that I’m more left-wing (and Quebecois) than I thought. See:

Jack Layton – 100%
Gilles Duceppe – 93%
Paul Martin – 73%
Steven Harper – 7%

I’m still not sure about Layton, but it seems that Duceppe’s surprisingly like-minded. If only I didn’t have strong objections to the premise of his party, and I could convince them to run a candidate in my riding. I guess, though, if I object to the Liberals treatment of the West, I can’t very well vote Bloc.

House + 1

When I think that today is June 1, I have this idea in my mind that I have something to do today. When I look at my calendars, though, they’re all clear. Still, it seems like a significant date.

The reason today seems significant, is that we closed on our house exactly one year ago. It was a Sunday, I remember. We met our realtor at the house at 1:00. Here we are waiting in the driveway, nervously eating our Subway lunch:

Outside our house on the day we took possession

Home ownership has really been a mixed bag, so far. There are lots of great things, like having our own laundry facilities. Also in the positive column, I’ve enjoyed decorating, I like having a garden, and I enjoy the extra space. However, it’s also been extremely expensive, and ridiculously stressful. Jon’s health was seriously compromised during our renovation. It’s also tons more work to have a yard and a bigger living space to keep clean (or at least something approaching clean).

Today, I believe that home ownership will be a good thing for us. However, it’s taken a while to get here. There’s a reason that the young and inexperienced are far more willing to undertake the sorts of projects we undertook, and I wouldn’t do things the same way given a second chance. Still, I have no regrets. All of these experiences, wonderful and horrific, are just pieces in the puzzle of life. Plus, I couldn’t have Dorothy in the old apartment. 😉

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