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Happy Halloween!

Jack o'Lanterns

Oooh, spooky!

Also, here is a new photo of Dorothy, taken tonight. She’s so big now!

Up to no good

Fall Weather

Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, it seems that Fall has finally arrived. It’s dark now when I leave work, and the weather has definitely turned. Yesterday’s windstorm blew a whole bunch of leaves into our entryway, and this morning I saw the first frost. Our furnace is kicking on much more, too.

Normally, I don’t like this time of year. I don’t enjoy the slow descent into cold and darkness, but so far this year is not too bad. Of course, I am probably on a sugar high from all of the Halloween Tootsie Rolls I’ve been eating, so we’ll see how I feel come mid-November. 🙂

In other news, Dorothy can now make it onto the bathroom counter in one swift jump. She is definitely losing her baby look, although she still has that incredible kitten energy. It’s boundless, and my plants don’t appreciate it.

A Very Plain Halloween

So, I came up with a costume, after much hemming and hawing, and many discarded ideas. I dressed as an Amish woman. I explained to the Brownies that the Amish are supposed to look very plain. They told me that I succeeded in that endeavour. Gee, thanks. 🙂

Anyways, take a look for yourselves.

Amber had a very plain Halloween

New Book

I have been reading a really funny book entitled Notes From A Big Country by Bill Bryson. Basically it’s a collection of newpaper colums he wrote in the late 90’s for a British newpaper describing his experiences moving back to the United States after living for 20 years in Britain. The way that the US seems familiar yet foreign is the theme running throughout the columns. Certainly much of the material rings true to us as Canadians, and therefore has been quite an enjoyable read. Bryson is best known for his travel books, and this is my first foray into his work. I’m about halfway through, and can already highly recommend it.


Halloween Costume

This coming Monday is the Brownie Halloween party, and I need a costume. In the past I dressed as a witch or wore my karate uniform, but now I have qualms about both. Is the witch too scary? People regularly show up to Brownies wearing martial arts uniforms, so is it kind of cop-out on the costume front? Neither seems right to me, in any case.

Compounding the problem, my costume needs to be something a 7-year-old would recognize. For instance, do they know who Gilligan is? What about Marcia from the Brady Bunch? Do they have the cultural references to appreciate Madonna in her Material Girl period? Probably not.

I am just at a loss here. I’ll let you know what I finally decide.

The World Series

Am I the only one who thinks the World Series is terribly anticlimactic this year? After sitting on Thursday night and watching the Red Sox lose in the manner that only a truly cursed franchise can lose, I was done. Neither storyline is that interesting. The Yankees will either win for the 27th time, or the Marlins will end 6 long years of futility. Nothing will beat that game on Thursday night. As soon as Martinez came out for the 8th Inning I could distinctly hear the voice of Bill Buckner scream, “Grady… NOOOO!!!!” I think Grady Little will now have to join Billy Buck in France or wherever he is.

Neglecting the Website

Hello all. It seems that I’ve been really busy lately, and have neglected to post on the website. Here’s what’s been going on in a nutshell.

1. Amber and I pulled the dead tree out of our front yard. We started by digging and rocking it back and forth. The neighbour across the street saw this going on, and offered to pull the tree out with his truck. You see, he has a monster truck, and loves any opportunity to rev it up. We were very happy when the tree came flying out by diesel power. The trick was then on Wednesday, in the pouring rain; I had to cut it in two, pack it in a bag, and take it to the recycling depot. I think the tree was a little large for the depot, but I managed to get it in the dumpster, so there it stayed. We pulled a bunch more dead things out of the garden, so overall it’s looking a lot nicer now.

2. Work is busy. It’s the fall and all. I did a CPAC Youth Forum last week, and this week it’s Sports Page, Canucks, Lions, and the News on Thursday and Friday. This week the news is on the road. I especially like how Tony and the gang are all going to be in Naramata a some kind of resort on Friday, and we’ll all be here at the studio with nary a spa treatment to be had. Typical. 🙂

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