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Baseball Playoffs

I’m fighting a head cold here at home today. Luckily for me I have baseball playoffs to keep me company. Minnesota is playing a great game against the Yankees. Aggressive baserunning have them at a 3-0 lead in the 8th. Kitten is not a big fan of the baseball, but is a big fan of running on the laptop keyboard. She is not happy that she’s not allowed to run on the keyboard.

Tonight the Canucks host the Oilers in the 4th Exhibition game I’ve done since Thursday. This preseason has been particularily bad for the quality of play. 10 exhibition games for the Canucks are way too many. Especially when we know who is going to make the team. With all the scouting these days, it’s really hard for a player to make an NHL lineup with a good training camp. That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Growing Baby

Now that Dorothy is 10 weeks old, and has been with us for almost 2 weeks, her independence is starting to show. My baby is growing up!

The kitten no longer likes to be accompanied to her litter box (a little privacy, please?). She can spend long periods of time in another room without us, and she doesn’t follow us around mewing out of insecurity. Now, she mostly mews when her efforts at destruction are thwarted. Case in point, she managed to sneak into the garage last night, and when I got her out and closed the door she was most displeased.

In other news, apparently today is the first day of baseball playoffs. Jon is very excited.

Monday Morning

I think the quality of the exhibition hockey I’ve been watching lately has given me raw sinuses. So for today it’s been drinking a lot of fluids, yard work, and playing with the overactive cat. I never knew that one animal could have so much energy. Although, last night as I was reading a book before bed, she sat with me and had a little sleep. It was quite adorable.

Speaking too Soon

It seems that I may have spoken too soon about Tilly and Dorothy. Tonight I let Tilly out of her cage while I was playing with Dorothy in the living room. Dorothy took off for the family room where Tilly was, but they’ve been so good together I didn’t run after her right away. A couple of minutes later when I went to check it out, Dorothy was sitting there beside Tilly, inside the guinea pig’s cage. Ack! I will have to keep a closer eye on those two from here on out.

Speaking of which, you can check out the latest photos of Dorothy’s reign of terror here.

Our Girls

Dorothy has been with us for a little over a week now, and we’re all settling in well. Tilly and Dorothy have met, and to my surprise Tilly is much braver and more curious than Dorothy is. Dorothy likes to sit beside Tilly’s cage and watch her, but as soon as Tilly gets too close Dorothy runs away. Tilly, on the other hand, will approach Dorothy to check her out if they’re both on the floor. Go Tilly!

Here are the highlights of Dorothy’s first week with us:
– our visit to the vet went well, and she behaved herself even when she got her shots
– she’s completely litter-trained, and hasn’t had a single accident
– she loves to climb things (furniture, curtains, your legs…)
– she sleeps well at night, or when we’re out, but plays all the time when we’re around
– she doesn’t like to be alone whether she’s eating, playing, or using the litter box
– her favourite toys are her tail, our clothing, and her ball of yarn

Birthday Wishes

Thank you everybody for your kind birthday wishes. It was really nice to hear from everybody yesterday.

It’s looking like a beautiful day today. The sun is
shining. Enjoy!

Jon’s Birthday Fun!

Today I turn 27 years old. I think I’m officially in my late 20s now. Due to my lack of knowledge of current popular music and fashion trends, I think I’m definately in my late 20s. To celebrate, I completed my corporate tax return. The joy of adulthood taken out in $700 doses by the CCRA. Good times people, good times.

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