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Summer of Moves

On the Strocel side, this will go down in history as the ‘Summer of Moves’. First we moved on Canada Day, and now Ted and Laurie are moving this week after Labour Day. The new house that they’re building is almost done, with only the very final finishing touches to go in. Things are definitely happening.

This weekend was also eventful because Christy returned from Edmonton. We went out to welcome her home, and take a few photos of the old homestead. You can find them here.

Guinea Pig Dentist

Tilly has a tooth problem. One of her lower incisors got chipped somehow, and she’s taken to only eating with the shorter, chipped tooth. The result is that the chipped tooth is worn down to the gum, and the other is far too long. This means that I have to take her to the vet on Tuesday to have the long tooth clipped to match the shorter one, which will correct her bite.

I’m a basket case about this. What if she bites the vet? Will she be hurt and scared for weeks? What will the vet think of me? I can’t handle this parenthood thing sometimes.

Rain Dance

All right, so sunshine is beautiful. Blue skies are beautiful. Dead grass is not beautiful. We’re parched, our lawn is parched, I’m ready to do a rain dance in the front yard. No rain is forecast until at least next Friday at this point, and we all know that predictions that far in advance are just big guesses anyway. Our forests need it so badly too, fires are springing up all over the place.

While we wait for rain, we’re on a big chicken kick. Not because we like chicken so much (although it is good), but because Jon went to the allergist today. It seems he has sensitivities to pork, beef, and shellfish, among other things. Nothing serious, but we’re going to try cutting down on those foods for a while, and see if it helps him out. I certainly hope that it will.

Back to the Page

Haven’t been to Sports Page since last Wednesday, and tonight is my first night back. I wonder if anything has changed since then? I supremely doubt it. I’m doing every Page this week, 6 in a row. And no real good sports going on this week to cover. Oh well, we can’t have everything.

Went back to the gym today. My stomach is feeling better than it was last week (knock on wood) so it wasn’t too bad. I’m in to see an allergist on Friday, so we’ll see if he can tell me anything about my diet. Here’s hoping for some answers, but I’m not holding my breath.

Chicken Kiev tonight I think, and if anyone knows how to get a hold of anyone in media relations for the NFL, could you drop me a line?

Last Week of August

For those of us without children in school, the last week of August is the slowest work-week of the year. All of the parents are off on vacation, squeezing in the last camping trip of the season. It’s almost not worth coming to work, like that week between Christmas and New Year’s. I’m stalled, waiting for answers that I won’t receive until normal life resumes after Labour Day. Still, I perservere, organizing my email and cleaning my desk off. Yawn!

In other news, I keep coming back to this site to look at pictures of Dorothy. Is it just me, or is my kitten the cutest kitten in the whole wide world? I can’t wait until she gets to come home in mid-September.

Walking around Friday

I found this garden behind Christchurch cathedral in downtown Vancouver. Some lovely places to sit and be tranquil

garden christ church cathedral vancouver

The library is probably my favourite building. It’s amazing how something can be so modern yet harken to Roman classical architecture.

vancouver public library


I went today to visit the kittens, and to pick out one of my own. The kittens are 4 1/2 weeks old, so my kitten won’t be coming home for four weeks or so. They were all so cute that it was very hard to pick. However, I did choose a very sweet little girl, who I will call Dorothy. Here are some snapshots of Dorothy, and the rest of her family:

Dorothy at 4 1/2 weeks old


While we were out in Abbotsford, Jon and I stopped by Ted and Laurie’s new house. It’s certainly coming along. They’re at the finishing stage, adding flooring, painting, all that sort of thing. I have to say, a lot of work goes into building or renovating a house.

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