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One year ago today …

… our friends Heather and Steve got married in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Jon and I travelled to be at their wedding, and Jon was even a bridesmaid (although he wore a tuxedo instead of a dress). Once everything came together, it was a beautiful day, as wedding days always are. Happy Anniversary, Heather and Steve!

Heather and Steve

Moved In

I am writing this entry on the computer in my new office. I wasn’t able to get on for the last two days, because the day before we moved Shaw cut off our internet. Then, yesterday was moving day, and I’m sure that you can understand how busy that was.

Things are going well here, but slowly. Not having a proper bathroom, and no kitchen, makes unpacking very difficult. I can see that we’ll be living in a sort of limbo for the next couple of weeks until the kitchen comes in and everything else comes together. I hope that everyone feels welcome to come and visit, but please understand if we’re not up to entertaining. After all, we’re living in a construction zone! 🙂

Well, I’m off today to clean the old apartment, and finish moving the last few odds and ends. In the meantime, I’ve downloaded more pictures to the usual place.

Move In Tomorrow

The carpets are in, my sunroom is off, I have two bathrooms and we’re not yet packed; but tomorrow we move in. I am posting just before the Page as it has been an extremely busy night (NBA Draft). We’ll post once again when my computer is back up. Wish us luck!

Moving in 2 Days

So, our carpet didn’t show up today. This is because nothing ever happens on time when you’re renovating. My rule of thumb is to take a very liberal time estimate for any given job, and multiply the total by 2.5. Oh, it’s supposed to take 2 weeks? Try 5, and you’re getting there. This rule of thumb also works for budget.

The good news is that the carpet is supposed to arrive tomorrow, along with the flooring for our upstairs bathroom. Also, apparently our top 6 kitchen floors have also been removed, leaving only the original. So, that’s good. At least someone’s making progress.

I’m off to pack like it’s going out of style. Wish me luck!

Ready for Carpet

Hey Everyone! The house is ready to go for carpeting. I’ve got everything out of the house and into the garage. Tomorrow should be a busy day at the house. I have the bathroom guy coming to tile, the carpet guys will be installing the carpet, and the kitchen floor people will be pulling the windows off the side of the house and yanking the kitchen floor. I think I’ll head over there to be a kind of resource in the morning, but with all the activity I don’t think I’ll be able to accomplish much. It will give me some time to do a little packing or find some more boxes. Although Mom and Dad were kind enough to lend us some boxes, I think we’re going to need more. Seeing as they’re going to need some more boxes then they have as well, at least I’ll be benefiting two moves by finding more packing materials.

The bathroom guys were by this afternoon to finish mudding the wall and dropping off the tile. They’re going to regrout the shower in the ensuite, so that will be ready when we move in. The bathroom will be there, and the tub will be useable, but we won’t be able to shower in the main bathroom for a week to let the tile set. In another interesting twist with the bathroom, the back wall of the bathtub, which is between the tub and the closet in the guest bedroom is not straight. In fact, the two-by-fours bulge towards the bedroom closet by about half an inch. The bathroom guy thinks that the place was built that way, and they’re going to do their best to mask the problem with the tile, but it just means that the line between the two walls created by the grout will be wider in the middle than it is on the ends. It never fails to amaze me what we’re finding as we go through this renovation process. But it’s good to know so when we start doing baseboards to really check the angles in the corners before making our cuts. Luckily I have an engineer wife who is very good at such calculations.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback in the past week. It’s really encouraging to hear from everyone, and you’ll all have to come and see the place once hard hats and steel toed boots are not required 🙂

Moving in 3 Days

We are very unprepared. I should be packing, but instead I’m spending all of my free time reading the new Harry Potter book. This is not a good scene.

In other news, our carpet is coming tomorrow, along with our bathroom tile. I cannot wait until the major renovations are over. Unfortunately, that will be a while, what with my lack of productivity. Curse you and your fabulous writing, J.K. Rowling! 🙂

Moving in 4 Days

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that we didn’t buy this house just so that we could renovate. In fact, the point was to actually live in the house. This is frightening to me for the following reasons:

1. I hate moving. I don’t wanna do it.

2. Currently, our house is not liveable on many levels, and it won’t be completely liveable even on our moving day.

3. I’m afraid of my new neighbours. They stare at me when I come and go from the house. I don’t have anything in my teeth–I checked.

4. No window coverings to block out scary neighbours prying eyes. These are not due in at Home Depot until a week after we move.

The truth is that it’s much easier to live in an apartment and visit the construction site. Unfortunately, the house has severely depleted our financial resources, so this is our only option at the moment. I have some leftover marshmallows from Brownies, and my plan is to survive by having weiner roasts in our wood fireplace, because we don’t have a kitchen. If anyone wants to come by and help, I’ll share my marshmallows with you, but you’ll have to bring your own stick.

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