10 Things to Love About Canada on Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day, which has given me reason to think about the country I call home. I have lived my whole life in Canada, like my parents and grandparents before me. My roots in this place run deep, and my husband’s run even deeper. While we both have European heritage, at this point we identify ourselves and our children as simply Canadian. This is our country, and we’re proud of that. Why wouldn’t we be? After all, we can claim The Log Driver’s Waltz as part of our cultural heritage.

I didn’t choose this country. Unlike my friends who immigrated here, I am Canadian by an accident of birth. All the same, it’s an accident I’m happy about. Today, I’m thinking of all the reasons I’m proud to be Canadian.

10 Things to Love About Canada

Getting patriotic on Canada Day
1. We share the world’s longest international border with our American neighbours. It’s undefended, in the military sense, and in many places the two countries are separated by nothing more than a narrow ditch or a dip in the trees.

2. We have the northernmost permanent settlement in the world – Alert, Nunavut. I have not visited. Nor have many other people, I’d imagine, as its official population is reported to be five. But those are five hardy souls!

3. Many of us learn about Canada’s history through the all-too-Canadian Heritage Minutes. This is how we came to discover that Winnie the Pooh was based on a Canadian bear whose full name was Winnipeg, and who served as a troop mascot during WWI.

4. Poutine. Since I’m from Western Canada I didn’t sample this dish until I was a young adult, but to know it is to love it. Fries + gravy + cheese curds = pure deliciousness.

5. While we’re talking about Canadian cuisine, we can also take credit for the Nanaimo bar. It’s named, of course, after Nanaimo, a town on Vancouver Island. It’s my favourite dessert square, hands-down.

6. Our television is almost legendarily terrible, but we love it that way. Shows like The Littlest Hobo, The Beachcombers, Today’s Special and Degrassi Junior High remind me fondly of my youth.

7. Speaking of Degrassi Junior High, old episodes of the show figured prominently in sex ed classes when I was in high school. We got to learn about teen pregnancy by watching Spike. True story.

8. I think I list this every year, but our universal health care system is definitely near the top of the list when it comes to things to love about Canada. I never have to think twice about taking my sick kids to the doctor, ever.

9. At 151,600 miles, our coastline is the longest in the world. We’re number one!

10. The Canadian people are awesome. Clearly. I’m one of them!

Happy belated Canada Day, everyone! Now tell me – what do you love about the country you call home?

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  1. Ummm…Amber!! #7 happened in my high school sex ed too! haha.
    Mama in the City’s last post … You Know Your A Parent When…My Profile

  2. Poutine & health care are up there for me. So is a year of parental leave & though I had absolutely nothing to do with their greatness: Rick Mercer, Douglas Coupland, Margaret Atwood, Russell Peters, Mary Walsh, George Stroumbouloploulos & David Suzuki. 🙂
    Lisa C’s last post … Quotable BitsMy Profile

  3. there are many things to love about Canada and Im just on the way to learn about them all.

    Even though a long coastline is cool, I think as a Canadian you profit much more of the beautiful lakes!

    I don’t like poutine, sorry, I know it’s a delicacy and my Canadian man loves it. I can’t understand how people like it so much, but I guess the same thing applies to some of the Italian specialities 🙂
    The mashup mission’s last post … 5 things I love about CanadaMy Profile

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