10 Things to Love About Canada on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! Today this country that I love is turning 146 years old. Sure, it’s young by some standards, but we’ve packed a lot into the past century and a half or so. And so, in what has become something of an annual tradition, I am marking the holiday on my blog by sharing some of the things I love about Canada. Because we rock, eh.

happy canada day

10 Things to Love About Canada

1. Maple syrup. The province of Quebec produces about 77% of the world’s supply, and they keep a strategic maple syrup reserve. For real. It was robbed late last year, in fact, which led to much late night talk show hilarity. You can laugh at us – but we love our syrup, and we take it seriously.

2. Gun control, which makes me feel safer, not stifled.

3. The beaver. It is a truly proud and noble animal, and it looks great on our nickel. Which, thanks to the discontinuation of the Canadian penny, is also now our smallest currency denomination.

4. Fantastic children’s authors, like Mélanie Watt, Robert Munsch (although he was born in the US), Marie-Louise Gay and Jon Klassen (you must, must, must read I Want My Hat Back).

5. Fantastic young adult and grown-up authors like Lucy Maud Montgomery, Yann Martell, Margaret Atwood and Farley Mowat.

6. Our health care system. I list this every year, because it really does come out on top for me. I never have to think twice about seeking medical care for myself or my family.

7. We’re second in the world in land mass, third in renewable fresh water, third in forested area and 36th in population. This means that we have a lot of space and a whole lot of natural beauty.

8. Our official multiculturalism policy. It says that all Canadians are equal, and I see it reflected in the faces of my children’s classmates, whose parents come from all over the world.

9. We have Target now, too, so I no longer need to feel jealous of Americans on this count.

10. Our flag, which is perfect for recreating in a festive Canada Day cake.

Happy Canada Day!

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  1. Happy Canada Day! I have always lived in the U.S., but my aunt went to grad school in Vancouver and has lived in the area ever since, so I’ve visited there many times and also visited my cousin when he lived in Ontario. I like Canada. In particular, the provincial parks I’ve visited have been so much larger, more natural, and just more “serious about getting it right” than American state parks.
    ‘Becca’s last post … Cucumber SaladMy Profile

  2. Impressive cake!!
    Harriet’s last post … Summer Needs YouMy Profile

    • The truth is that photo is several years old. But the beauty of digital photography is that I can trot it out every year and feel like a star, without ever having to try to bake such a cake again.

  3. Oh I love your cake! I should make that next year (Canada Day is also my mom’s bday).

    I love your list (especially this year after my mom really needed the health care system).

    Happy Canada Day to you too!
    christy’s last post … Happy Canada DayMy Profile

    • This year the strawberries were actually in season a little too early for Canada Day cake. Although I can’t really complain about a warm spring, I have to be honest.

  4. Ahem,

    11.- Maternity leave. We, new immigrants, love Canada even more for this.
    Mama and the City’s last post … Red Is For Canada: Drinks, Fruit and Animals?My Profile

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