10 Things I See Right Now

What does your home say about you? Given my extremely poor housekeeping abilities, I choose to believe it doesn’t say a whole lot. And yet, no matter how hard I try to divorce my personal identity from the state of my floors, there’s no denying that the things I choose to surround myself with do reflect on me in some way. The cushions on my couch, the toys spilling out of the toy box, the fabric on my newly-designated craft shelf – these are things that I have spent money on, brought into my home, and made space for on an ongoing basis.

In an effort to get a glimpse of my life through my home, I’ve decided to list 10 things that I can see from where I’m sitting right now.

mega blok yoda

10 Things I See Right Now

  1. A large orange plastic baseball bat, lying on the floor beside my desk. It’s got a big indent roughly in its middle, where a small foot has stepped on it.
  2. Yarn that will become a Christmas gift for someone on my list. And I can’t say any more about that, other than the fact that seeing it still sitting untouched makes me feel a little bit guilty.
  3. My sewing machine, still threaded with the green thread I used to sew together my children’s costumes for the Christmas pageant. It’s actually good it’s still set up, because my daughter’s already torn a hole in one of her seams.
  4. A small booklet, created by my daughter. It’s made of several small pieces of paper, stapled together. There’s a picture of me on the cover, and the words ‘My Life, By Amber’. She made it as a diary of sorts for me, and frequently nags me because I haven’t yet written anything in it.
  5. Yoda, made from Mega Bloks, sits on my mantelpiece. An origami Darth Vader, made by my sister-in-law for my son, sits in front of Yoda. In my home, the two co-exist peacefully.
  6. Two laptops, both open and running, plus one extra computer monitor, which I’m currently looking at as I type. Both of these laptops are, in theory, for my use alone. One of them is for everyday use, and the other is for podcasting.
  7. A no-tip rocking horse, which my parents bought for my sister and me when I was seven years old. Its blank face has been enhanced by my daughter, who added half a smiling mouth and one eye to each side.
  8. The cat, looking at me expectantly, knowing that it’s almost time for her evening meal. For now, she’s content to just sit and stare. If I make her wait too much longer, though, she’ll undoubtedly resort to sitting on my keyboard.
  9. A collage my husband had made, featuring highlights from his work on the in-house show for the Vancouver Grizzlies. He still misses the NBA.
  10. Dress-up clothes, pouring out of the dress-up clothes box. It seems that item you’re searching for is never on top, which means that digging is nearly always required. Replacing the items post-digging is less of a priority.

What does all this mean? I suppose it tells you that I like to craft. That I have young children, who like to make art and play baseball and dress up. That I really have more technology than I can use. There’s probably more, too. For instance, I’ve kept an almost 30-year-old rocking horse. What does that say about me? I can only begin to imagine.

When you look around right now, what do you see? And what does that tell us about you?

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  1. I’m kind of fascinated by this stuff. Since we are a self-employed, homeschooling family, we are in our home a LOT. And not just to sleep and eat. Needless to say, I do not have a magazine-worthy home. But I kind of like all the evidence of the learning, growing and creating that’s going on. It’s totally real and organic.

    Have you seen Erin’s Everyday Carry project? What do the contents of your handbag say about you? What do we choose (consciously or not) to carry with us everywhere we go? http://erinatlarge.com/erinatlarge/2012/11/16/everyday-carry-extra-large-edition/ I love it.
    Michelle @ The Parent Vortex’s last post … Merry Christmas, not Crazy Christmas (and a Blurb photobook offer!)My Profile

  2. Hi Amber! I love this! Especially Lego Yoda and origami Darth Vader. As someone who is hardly ‘house-proud,’ as they say here in the UK, I exist in a fair share of random clutter, colliding stories, and shifting/sifting/settling priorities. When I visit people’s houses or peer at their photos on blogs, I quite enjoy seeing the bits (or more than bits) of everyday existence sticking out everywhere you look.
    Melissa’s last post … A Moveable ForestMy Profile

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